E-bay to the rescue!!

My real job has been crazy this month. I took 6 weeks off work to holiday through South Africa, and then have been travelling around Australia and New Zealand for work since I got back. There has been absolutely no spare time for work on the bike…. Luckily eBay and PayPal to the rescue! It has also given me the chance to catch up on some posts here…(sorry for the silence and now the flood of posts!) Hopefully life settles back into some normalcy soon.

While I was on the road, all I could think about is the honda all alone in the workshop. Here are a few bits and pieces I found to fill the void…
Fork seal kit. I don’t know if the forks are salvageable or if they are too pitted. I thought for the cost of a seal kit ($10) and the experience of pulling the fork apart and rebuilding it, it was worth a shot. I’ll polish up the stanchion, re spray the lower fork body, replace the seals, give it a new drink of oil and see how it holds up. I guess if the seal wears out from the pitted stanchions I might have to start looking for replacements…not sure what to do with the rear shocks yet… To be continued.
Wheel bearing kit. Should be pretty straightforward.
Cool set of grips. Brown. I think I’m going for a black with tan highlights motif. Still need to investigate bars to hold the grips. I’m still deciding between 7/8″ Clubman bars, clip-ons, or something a little more like inverted drag-bars (like on my thruxton).
Steering head bearing kit. One of the big casualties of the strip down was the original bearings. I did not expect the original bearings to be all loose… I lost more than half of the original bearings across the back patio floor and under a concrete slab. The magnetic pick up tool rescued a couple of them, but more were lost than saved. A bit of research suggested I replace it with a sealed bearing unit – problem solved.
Engine gasket kit for the Austin A40…. This blog is not called Side-tracked for nothing…
Only another couple of weeks and it will be full steam ahead for the build.
At least this huge amount of time away from the workshop has given me a chance to bring you guys up to speed and get the blog up to date.

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