Spray the frame – part one

Epic Fail!!! Finally made it back to the shed after far too much working my real job. I expected to rock up and start work spraying the frame and swing arm straight away, but the frame was covered in rust!! It’s only surface rust, but it had to be cleaned off again. Another day with steel wool, dremel rotary tools, angle grinders and wet n dry sandpaper. Very disappointing, but only have myself to blame…

At least I got a some coats sprayed today!
Wayne set up a makeshift spray booth between the workshop and his laundry. It has an open top, which turned out great for ventilation. The open sides were then blocked off using an old canvas tent section cable tied to a bamboo pole he cut out of his garden… Recycled organic spray booth! The parts are then suspended from another piece of timber using wire. I used a piece of dowel through the swing arm bushes, and through the steering head to help turn the parts while I sprayed them. Obviously the spray booth design is weather dependent, given the roof is open, but otherwise worked really well!
We opted for rattle cans of spray paint for such a small amount of spraying. I used a metallic primer first, expecting to then spray black engine enamel on top of that. The engine enamel kept sputtering out rather than spraying finely… a trip to the local SuperCheap Auto to buy more paint. they didn’t have the engine enamel i was hoping for, so ended up with KillRust gloss black. if i had known i was gong to use this, i probably wouldn’t have used the primer initially. 4 light coats of KillRust gloss black and it was beer o’clock for the day.
It’s nice to finally have something shiny to show for the efforts…

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