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E-bay to the rescue!!

My real job has been crazy this month. I took 6 weeks off work to holiday through South Africa, and then have been travelling around Australia and New Zealand for work since I got back. There has been absolutely no spare time for work on the bike…. Luckily eBay and PayPal to the rescue! It has also given me the chance to catch up on some posts here…(sorry for the silence and now the flood of posts!) Hopefully life settles back into some normalcy soon. Continue reading

No more lost screws

Wayne just showed me a fantastic method for keeping the loose screws etc organised in the workshop!  An old piece of Styrofoam packaging is the perfect screw holder. Draw a rough outline of the part you have removed and jam the bolt or screw into the relevant hole on the foam sketch.

This is his trace of the waterpump for the car…
Will def use this technique on the bike!