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Spray the frame – part two

Major Bummer!!!!! The frame was hanging in the workshop overnight. I wanted to wait until daylight again to have a proper look at the spray job and see if I needed to do some touch ups. A possum had climbed up the frame, using it as a ladder to get up into the ceiling. The extra weight from the fat little bastard straightened the wire holding the frame, dropping it 6 ft onto the concrete floor. In several sections the paint is scratched and exposed down to the bare metal. A frustrating situation, but shit happens. The touch ups will have to wait till I finish this crazy few weeks work…

Spray the frame – part one

Epic Fail!!! Finally made it back to the shed after far too much working my real job. I expected to rock up and start work spraying the frame and swing arm straight away, but the frame was covered in rust!! It’s only surface rust, but it had to be cleaned off again. Another day with steel wool, dremel rotary tools, angle grinders and wet n dry sandpaper. Very disappointing, but only have myself to blame… Continue reading

Bare metal

Getting the frame and some small parts cleaned up and back to bare metal has been a process of trial and error.

Obviously, sending the frame away for sandblasting and powder coating would be the easiest/best/least painful method of preparing the frame for the rebuild. I am trying to do as much of the project ourselves, rather than sending away. The $$ is definitely a factor, but mostly we are just chasing the satisfaction of doing as much as possible.  Continue reading