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Spray the frame – part one

Epic Fail!!! Finally made it back to the shed after far too much working my real job. I expected to rock up and start work spraying the frame and swing arm straight away, but the frame was covered in rust!! It’s only surface rust, but it had to be cleaned off again. Another day with steel wool, dremel rotary tools, angle grinders and wet n dry sandpaper. Very disappointing, but only have myself to blame… Continue reading


No more lost screws

Wayne just showed me a fantastic method for keeping the loose screws etc organised in the workshop!  An old piece of Styrofoam packaging is the perfect screw holder. Draw a rough outline of the part you have removed and jam the bolt or screw into the relevant hole on the foam sketch.

This is his trace of the waterpump for the car…
Will def use this technique on the bike!